Hey Lower West Siders, its The First Casualty here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Perth’s elite. Ok so I lie, this blog is nothing of the sort. But yes, I am officially addicted to Gossip Girl. The clothes, the characters, the setting – New York, New York! Did I mention that I will be over there in a few months? Me and The Big Apple have got a hot date and with the help of my handy dandy camera (if I don’t lose it), you are all invited. Stay tuned. Here are a few of my favourite GG outfits (Did anyone pick up Blair in Victoria Beckham’s range and Collette Dinnigan too – aussie, aussie, aussie?):

Sorry I have been MIA the past week/s…trouble in Fashion Land. We finally received the photos back from the shoot in December, only to be faced with another hurdle – half are missing and most are unfinished. My stress levels are through the freaking roof at the moment. The shoot was such a success on the day but getting the photos and photo permissions since then has been harder than pulling teeth. This one goes straight to the lessons learnt pile as we continue on to style another day.

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